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Pet Insurance

Galesburg Animal Hospital recommends that all pets be covered by pet health insurance.  Pet health insurance has been available for several years, and there are several good insurance companies offering different plans that provide excellent coverage.   Pet Health Insurance will help you cover the costs for veterinary care for wellness care, illnesses and unexpected accidents for your pet that occur after enrollment.  Pet Health insurance plans provide financial support to you when needed, allowing you to give the best medical care to your pet without worrying about the cost.

We believe all pets should be covered by pet health insurance for many reasons, including:

  • The ability to afford veterinary care when your pet needs it.
  • Most policies cover annual visits and vaccinations, meaning your pet will be protected against preventable diseases and illnesses will be detected sooner, when treatment is less costly and more effective.  
  • Other services, such as pet dental care, are also usually covered under the plan.

There are no co-pays or concerns if we participate in your plan.   All pet insurance carriers are “accepted” by us because the contract is strictly between the pet owner and the insurance company.   The pet insurance company handles all the paper work and we are not involved in processing any claims.  

Pet Parents purchase policies directly from the pet insurance company. After the pet is taken care of by us and the bill paid to us, the Pet Parent sends copies of the receipts along with a brief insurance claim form to the insurance company, and the Pet Parent is directly reimbursed by the insurance company. 

If you wish to get more information about pet health insurance, there are good websites comparing the various pet health insurance plans, such as www.petinsurance.com or consumersadvocate.org