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Galesburg Animal Hospital

Welcome to
Galesburg Animal Hospital!

Galesburg Animal Hospital

We have Laser Therapy to help your pet heal!

Galesburg Animal Hospital

Board your pet at
Galesburg Animal Hospital!

Galesburg Animal Hospital

Our Professional Groomer will treat your pet like royalty!

Galesburg Animal Hospital

Bring your kitties in to see us!

Welcome to Galesburg Animal Hospital
Your Veterinarians in Galesburg, IL

Veterinarians in Galesburg IL

For more than 30 years, the doctors at Galesburg Animal Hospital have provided outstanding veterinary care to the dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other pocket pets that make their home in the Galesburg area.   Every pet receives individualized attention and we tailor our care to fit each pet.  At Galesburg Animal Hospital, every pet parent is an important part of their pet’s healthcare program.  We offer as many wellness and treatment options for our patients as possible so pet parents can make the most informed choice for the care and treatment of their pet.  We practice veterinary care in our hospital with the most modern, up to date equipment available, meaning your pet will get the best veterinary care at Galesburg Animal Hospital.

At Galesburg Animal Hospital, you can expect:

Our veterinarians and staff are highly trained in the latest treatments and procedures and will provide you with all the information and treatment options available for your pet. 

We feel all pets deserve the very best veterinary care!

Because Your Pet Is Worth It!

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Galesburg Animal Hospital News:

Galesburg Animal Hospital News

We are now Fear-Free Certified

If your pet is terrified of visiting the vet, we may be able to help. We are now fear-free certified, which means we have developed proven ways to reduce or remove your pets anxiety triggers. They’ll be greeted with delicious treats…enjoy relaxing smells and hear calming music. Some anxious pets may need a little extra help like wearing a thundershirt or a mild pre-visit pharmaceutical. Whether their appointment is for an examination, vaccinations, surgery, boarding or grooming, our fear ...[READ MORE]

Meet Our Groomer

Galesburg Animal Hospital Staff Highlight

Professional Grooming Services at Galesburg Animal Hospital

We are excited to announce that Lindsay Wulf has joined our grooming staff. A day of pampering at the newly remodeled spa room at Galesburg Animal Hospital can make "Fluffy" feel beautiful again. Lindsay, our professional groomer, is available to provide superior service...whether it's a simple clip down, specialty cut or a bath and brush out. Your pet will enjoy a relaxing blueberry facial. She uses a dremmel tool to smooth the rough edges on nail trims. De-shedding treatments and teeth brushing are available too. One visit to Galesburg Animal Hospital, and you'll see why we're the place for all your pet's grooming needs!

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When you are at Galesburg Animal Hospital you are with family. We pride ourselves on being caring and compassionate. We understand the importance in providing exceptional healthcare for your animals at a reasonable cost without losing that loving touch.

We believe the health and happiness of our patients, starts with building a strong bond between clients and staff. We feel it is imperative to work with our clients as a team and focus on addressing every need and answering every question.

It is our mission to be proactive with our medicine and wellness schedules versus retroactive. We want to address the problem before it starts, instead of always chasing a problem down once it has progressed.

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Galesburg Animal Hospital

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