Pet Insurance

Galesburg Animal Hospital recommends that all pets be covered by pet health insurance. Pet Health Insurance will help you cover the costs for veterinary care for illnesses and unexpected accidents for your pet that occur after enrollment.  Pet Health insurance plans provide financial support to you when needed, allowing you to give the best medical care to your pet without worrying about the cost.

We have researched many of the plans out there and have found that Trupanion offers the best coverage for unexpected medical needs. Trupanion pays the hospital directly, so that you don’t experience any out-of-pocket expense except for the 10% co-pay. And, Trupanion offers a complimentary 30 days of free coverage when you come if for any exam.  Remind us to email you the offer.

In fact, when you choose Trupanion sickness coverage and our Petly Wellness Plans together, affordable monthly payments for each give you peace of mind for their entire lives!

If you wish to get more information about pet health insurance, is a good website comparing the various pet health insurance plans.