Please DONATE to Guardian Angel Legacy Fund

For 17 years, the Guardian Angels with Cathy White as their leader provided over a million and a half dollars of medical care for homeless and needy pets who would not have survived without their help.  It was a labor of love, and they couldn’t have done it without the generosity of their loyal supporters!guardian angels logo

The group of volunteers that originally launched the program have now retired. One of their goals was to maintain a reserve fund to help pets in the future.  As a result, this reserve fund has been distributed to area veterinarians who have worked with them over the years.

The funds were prorated, and Galesburg Animal Hospital received a majority of the funds since we performed the most services for the needy pets and pet parents throughout the years.  We very much appreciate the work of the Guardian Angels over the years and want to continue their legacy.  It has been business as usual since the funds were distributed in the summer of 2022.  However, a day will come when funds will be depleted unless past supporters continue to give.  We have set up easy ways for you to continue to contribute or contribute for the first time to the Guardian Angel Legacy Fund.

Be An Angel – Help Needy & Homeless Pets!

You can even distinguish whether you want the funds to go toward low-cost spay/neuter or to medical needs to pets whose owners are low income or the pet itself is homeless.