Pain Management

Whether it’s due to surgery, trauma, or a chronic condition, pain negatively affects quality of life. Your pet cannot “tell you where it hurts,” but we can help you to recognize the signs and symptoms and provide expert guidance as you chose the best medicines and therapies to minimize their pain.

In an injury or surgical situation, pain management is vital to your pet’s recovery and at Galesburg Animal Hospital, we develop an individualized pain treatment plan customized for each patient’s needs.

Long-term management of osteoarthritis – the most common skeletal disease in dogs and a condition that affects about 20% of mature and senior cats – can be enhanced with the use of pain medication, specific anti-inflammatory drugs or nutritional supplements.

If you notice your pet displaying an altered gait, reluctance to engage in normal play activities, or lowered interest in family interaction, they may be experiencing the pain of arthritis. Please call 1-309-343-9226 today for a screening appointment.