About Galesburg Animal Hospital

Core Values

The Core Values of Galesburg Animal Hospital spring from our mission of providing exceptional pet health care and services to pets and pet parents. The doctors and staff strive to provide compassionate, quality health care in a responsible and charitable manner. Everyone treats pet parents and each other with the same respect and care. A passion of caring for animals is a must and drives our team in the mission of providing optimal pet health care services to the Galesburg community and surrounding areas.

Our Philosophy

Pet owners are important to us. We strive to do everything possible to make sure each person is treated with courtesy and respect. We strive to make each person feel welcome, greet them by name, and let them know we’re here to help. It is our goal to provide accurate and helpful advice about pet health care. We attempt to find solutions to problems for pets and pet parents. We provide continuing education to our staff in order to better serve pet and pet parent needs. Our veterinary hospital is kept clean and uncluttered at all times.