Geriatric Pet Care

Time flies. “Just yesterday” – in human time – Fido was running wildly around your backyard and Fluffy was leaping to the tops of your cabinets. It’s a fact, however, that dogs age seven times faster than humans and cats age four times faster.

As they move into middle age and their golden years, your pet is subject to a range of health issues that can develop fairly quickly. As a beloved member of your family, you want your animal to age with grace, dignity, and comfort. At Galesburg Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive geriatric care that includes preventive medicine, early detection of problems, and managed care that fosters quality of life.

For older animals, ideally beginning at age seven, we recommend twice-yearly wellness visits to screen for general health, signs of osteoarthritis, kidney or bladder conditions, dental health, and changing nutritional needs.

Please consult with us immediately if you notice any significant changes in elimination, eating habits, activity level, or behavior in your pet. Remember, you know them best.