Grooming Services for your pet

Fur babies love to be clean, so bring them in to Galesburg Animal Hospital for a professional spa day. Our fantastic groomer, Val Caves will brush and clip your pet’s coat, trim and smooth it’s nails, and give him/her a refreshing bath. A good-looking, good-smelling pet will make you happy too. Call for an appointment today.

Val Caves, Certified Professional Groomer
Val strives to make the grooming experience as stress and fear free as possible. She takes great pride in her work and is so very, very patient with your fur babies!

Puppies Need Grooming

From the moment puppies are born, it is important for them to be handled on all parts of their body, so they learn human touch is totally normal and safe.

Grooming socialization is just as important. Starting grooming at a young age makes future grooming appointments as stress-free as possible for your pets. During your puppy’s first year, if you schedule recurring grooming appointments every two weeks with Val at Galesburg Animal Hospital, the cost per visit is only $20. This is a good way to normalize grooming practices as well as provide additional socialization for your puppy during a very formative age.