Does your pet’s breath smell? Tarter buildup is the most common cause of bad breath. After an oral examination, an ultrasound teeth cleaning may be recommended. In fact, the vast majority of pets over the age of two have some form of dental disease. Often overlooked, tarter on teeth can affect not only your pet’s comfort and ability to play and eat properly, dental or periodontal (gum) disease can actually attack their internal organs including the heart, liver and kidneys.

Since the subtler symptoms of pain in animals are very hard for humans to detect, it is only through a professional veterinary dental screening that problems can be diagnosed, or prevented. Regular dental exams and periodic teeth cleanings can help avoid more serious issues down the road. A home care program using one of the many dental products we keep on hand can help keep that tarter off on a daily basis. We can help you decide which product is best for you and your pet(s).

Make sure you include a dental exam with your pet’s next wellness visit. If you’ve noticed a change in eating or chew-toy habits, gum swelling, tooth discoloration, or breath, call us at 309-343-9226 to schedule a dental checkup.